Manufacturer: Applied Biochemists


Aquatic Plant Growth Control is a blend of blue and yellow dyes which shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. This shading inhibits photosynthesis in young, bottom growth and may prevent development altogether if the color is maintained throughout the early season. Primarily effective in water deeper than two feet, floating plants such as lilies are unaffected by this product if they have already reached the surface.

Use in conjunction with herbicides or algaecides for control of surface algae mats or shallow-water plants. Not for use in drinking water, no restrictions for animal/livestock drinking, irrigation, swimming or fish consumption when used at label rates.

Application rate is 0.25 gallon per acre-ft. Please refer to the label for detailed information regarding coverage and application rate.

Available in:
4x1 gallon case

Label (PDF)

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