Adams Earth

Manufacturer: Plant Food Company, Inc.


AdamsEarth® is an organic blend of humic and amino acids, North Atlantic kelp extract, natural sugars, vitamins and other organic compounds. The organic nutrients in AdamsEarth® will aid in the improvement of soil structure, rooting, and the uptake of N-P-K and minor elements.

AdamsEarth® contains several different sources of organic matter which will break down at varying times during the growing cycle, providing a longer period to aid in microbial feeding.

AdamsEarth® is a unique combination of humic acid, biostimulants, and micro-nutrients. The humic acid will assist in chelating nutrients tied up in the soil. North American kelp improves rooting caused by auxin, cytokinin, and gibberellin hormones. The micronutrients will aid in the correction of soil deficiencies that may be caused by imbalances due to low or high pH.

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Available in:
2x2.5 gallon case
30 gallon drum
55 gallon drum

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