GenNext Complete A&B

Manufacturer: GenNext


GenNext Complete is a laboratory created naturally organic complex formulation that maximizes the plants

Benefits of feeding your turf grass GenNext Complete:
Increase the density of the turf.
Reduces broadleaf and grassy weeds, such as poa annua.
Improves the health and vitality of the turf.
Stronger cell walls provide armament to fight droughts, high temperature with high humidity, floods, wear & tear, etc.
Irrigation needs have often been reduced up to 20% of previous season irrigation requirements on GenNext Complete
Stimulates rapid development of rhizomes, stolons and roots that develop dense turf grass and forces aggressive healing of damaged turf.
Increases the turf

GenNext Complete is a two part product. It is packaged in two separate containers. These two ingredients must be mixed together and diluted with water for optimum performance.

Available in:
5 gallons of each unit

A Label (PDF)
B Label (PDF)

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