GenNext Select C & D



GenNext Select C & D are organic plant nutrition products that naturally maximize a plant’s ability to uptake essential ingredients and grow. More than 40 years of research have resulted in this balanced turfgrass formulation, containing more than 3,000 multi-forming natural organic ingredients, microbiological bi-products, organic hormones, extracts, and enzyme complexes all delivered in a high energy humic/fulvic fertilizer carrier.

Benefits of Feeding Your Turfgrass GenNext C & D Select:
• Increases turf density, health, and vitality by stimulating rapid development of rhizomes, stolons and roots that develop dense turfgrass
• Reduces broadleaf and grassy weeds, e.g. poa annua
• Creates stronger cell walls that provide plant armament to fight adversities including: drought, high temperature, high humidity, floods, wear and tear, etc.
• Less irrigation needed: potential reduction of 20% from previous season’s needs
• Provides aggressive healing of damaged turf
• Increases decomposition in turf of accumulated surface mat and thatch

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