MegAleX 3-0-0

Manufacturer: iHammer Technologies


MegAleX® is the natural, unique and patented scientific method of transporting nutrients into growing cells of all plants.

The MegAleX®ADVANTAGES _Technology so advanced that it is fully patented for the next 3 generations! _Optimizes whole plant health _De-amplifies stress _Strengthened plant structure through turgidity _Less evapotranspirative wilt by coating blades of grass _Reduces overall water requirements and daily syringing for treating midday wilt _Nourishes and strengthens roots and tillers _Feeds plants through more efficient cell absorption _Gets magnesium into leaves more efficiently than any other method _Makes more chlorophyll for quick, deep greening _Conserves water resources _Contains no nitrates and no phosphates _Environmentally friendly, thus, easy on the most sensitive localities

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Available in:
2x2.5 gallon case

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