Calcium where you want it, when you want it.
Calcium is a critical element in the formation of plant cell walls. That is why adequate levels of available calcium help provide a strong turf that can stand up to heavy play and mechanical damage. Unfortunately, plant tissue can easily become calcium deficient, even in soils with adequate calcium levels.

Quelant-Ca is formulated with a balanced proportion of calcium and free amino acids to aid in the prompt absorption within the plant. With Quelant-Ca in your fertility program, you can quickly correct and maintain the calcium levels in your turf, even during times of plant stress.

Product at a Glance:

  • Delivers 5.7% calcium combined with Macro-Sorb’s advanced L-amino acids for maximum spray application effectiveness. Learn more about L-amino acids.
  • Readily available calcium is easily absorbed by leaves and roots
  • Improves photosynthesis, which increases tolerance to disease and environmental stress
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process guarantees consistent ratios of L-amino acids. Learn more about the manufacturing process.
  • Prevents and controls calcium deficiency to maintain leaf turgidity and quality
  • Tank mix compatible with all normally-used agrochemical products
  • Fortified with boron to maximize calcium utilization by the plant. Learn more about the technology.




Available in:
5.28 gallon case
31.7 gallon drum

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