Manufacturer: Andersons


FF II 14-3-3 with PCNB Fungicide

This product is a preventive fungicide labeled for control of certain soil borne diseases on golf course tees, greens and fairways. Best results are
achieved when used in a preventive program following specified rate and application directions. Carefully read, understand and follow label directions.
• Use of this product is prohibited on:
• golf course roughs;
• sod farms, and industrial parks and professional and college athletic fields where turf is grown;
• residential sites including lawns, yards and ornamental plants and gardens around homes and apartments;
• grounds around day care facilities;
• school yards;
• parks;
• playgrounds; and
• athletic fields
• Do not graze treated areas or feed clippings to livestock.
• Use of any hand held application equipment is prohibited.
• Aerial application is prohibited.
• Apply using tractor drawn equipment only.
• Do not enter or allow others to enter treated area until treated area has been irrigated and turf has dried.
This product is a fungicide for the prevention and control of certain soil borne diseases on golf course tees, greens and fairways.
For best results use this product as a preventive application before diseases appear, however, if you do not apply as a preventive treatment, then
apply this product at first sign of disease.
Following application, water areas treated with this product in order to move material down to the soil level. If treated area is subjected to flooding or
unusually heavy rainfall, or if disease is severe or reappears, treat the area again.
Under certain growing conditions, a temporary discoloration of the grass may occur. This causes no harm and will disappear in a short time.


Available in:
35 Pound bag

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