Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 Greens Grade

Manufacturer: Martin Resources


Ammonium Sulfate (Standard) is a white, crystalline powder with anti-caking agent. Ammonium Sulfate is used in wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. In agriculture ammonium sulfate is used in blends with other nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphate, or Potash) or as a direct application to supply a source of sulfur “Fourth Major Nutrient” in the sulfate form.

Ammonium Sulfate promotes the following:

  • Increases drought tolerance through enhancing root development.
  • Helps maintain a dark green color by promoting chlorophyll production.
  • Aids in the conversion of nitrates into proteins.
  • Stimulates seed production and early maturity
  • Is an integral part of certain amino acids
  • Assists in the breakdown of organic matter
  • Improves soil structure and increases water infiltration.



Available in:
50 Pound bag

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