Granusol Turf Micro-Mix

Manufacturer: Prince Minerals


Granusol® Turf Mix is available in particle sizes SGN 230 and SGN 100. It is also available in SGN 150 upon request. Granusol® Turf Mix is a high Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Sulphur formula that also has lesser amounts of Copper and Zinc. It is especially suited for warm season grasses to promote green and healthy turf.

Granusol® Sucrate Micronutrients are dispersible granules, complete with essential sugars that provide consistent slow releasing nutrient uptake, keeping plants healthy and strong throughout the growing season. They are produced with advanced sucrate technology that created uniform granules that are free-flowing, non-caking, and available with a wax coating.

Available in:
50 Pound bag

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