Avid Miticide

Manufacturer: Syngenta

Avid Miticide    

Avid Miticide

Avid, manufactured by Syngenta Professional Products, is our preferred miticide to get rid of spider mites. Avid contains abamectin, a naturally derived compound that penetrates leaf tissue to form a reservoir of active ingredient which lasts for up to 28 days and an effective insecticide and miticide. Avid will not harm the flowers or foliage of plants, including normally sensitive carnivorous plants.

Although slow acting, any mites treated with Avid are immobilized after exposure. Avid is active on the mobile life stages of mites, but inactive on eggs. Thus, multiple sprayings are recommend for maximum effectiveness. In our experience, Avid prevents infestations when used regularly, and can eradicate all generations of mites when used three times, three days apart.



Available in:
4x1 quart case
4x1 gallon case

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