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Prevent borers and beetles from damaging your trees and your reputation.

Like all landscape professionals, you know that bark beetles and borers are some of the most devastating and difficult-to-manage pests. And both you and your customers know that these voracious pests are capable of killing trees that are extremely expensive to remove and replace. Protect the health of both your trees and your business relationships with Onyx® insecticide.

FMC formulated Onyx insecticide as a preventive treatment for reliable, long-term protection against beetles and borers. While several organophosphates traditionally used to control these pests have been removed from the market, Onyx insecticide continues to be a viable, effective solution for the prevention of beetle and borer damage.

To ensure your trees are protected, it is recommended to apply Onyx insecticide one to two months prior to expected adult beetle flight. Using a hydraulic sprayer, spray the tree as directed on the label for consistent, dependable control of these target pests.



Available in:
4x1 quarts case
4x1 gallon case

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