0-0-25 Liquid Potassium Solution

Manufacturer: Growth Products


Growth Products Liquid Potassium (0-0-25) is a concentrate potassium fertilizer solution made from only the highest quality technical grade potassium carbonate. Liquid Potassium provides you with 100% soluble potassium for immediate plant and turf uptake through both foliar and root feeding. Liquid Potassium can be applied throughout the growing season to correct potassium deficiencies quickly. As a fall fertilization product, it provides the maximum amount of potash in solution, and will help to improve stress tolerance from drought, winter and traffic. Since all nutrients are in a soluble form, turf can respond within a few days of applications. Since all Growth Products fertilizers are TRUE SOLUTIONS no special agitation is needed.

No chlorides/low salt index
Immediately available potassium
Improves stress tolerance
Foliar and root uptake

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Available in:
2x2.5 gallon case

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