Arbor Care 15-8-4

Manufacturer: Growth Products


Arbor Care 15-8-4 with micros is made from only the highest quality N-P-K sources and micros. Arbor Care provides a continuous steady source of slow release nitrogen from methylene diurea (MD) along with soluble, non-chloride potassium. The N release period,when used for deep root injections, extends 3 to 6 months depending on the soil and climate conditions. There is no danger of phytotoxicity. Arbor Care is a TRUE SOLUTION, ideal for foliar spray application and soil injection for trees and ornamentals. No special agitation is needed. Arbor Care is compatible with Fungicidess, herbicides and insecticides and can be mixed and sprayed in one application. Arbor Care has an extremely low salt index.

No clogging, abrasion or mixing
A TRUE SOLUTION for root injection
Safe! No phytotoxicity
Ideal for evergreens

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Available in:
2x2.5 gallon case
30 gallon drum
55 gallon drum
275 gallon tote
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