Nutri-Rational True Foliar NPK Plus 10-3-16

Manufacturer: Emerald Isle Solutions


NUTRI-RATIONAL® True Foliar® NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium) Plus is a professional use product offering turf managers advanced foliar turf nutrition. True Foliar® NPK Plus provides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sea plant extract.

Emerald Isle Solutions Nutri-Rational® TrueFoliar® products offer advanced foliar nutrition with the following benefits:
Absorbed through the leaf tissue
Improved nutrient uptake
Minimize potential leaching
Controlled macro and micro nutrient application
Does not bind with the soil
Can be used when traditional fertilizer programs cannot
No excessive shoot growth
Benefits of seaplant extract o Increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll production o Better able to withstand stresses: heat, salt, and drought

Please refer to the label for detailed information regarding coverage and application rate.

Available in:
2x2.5 gallon case
15 gallon drum

Label (PDF)

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