Ceramic Turf Conditioner

Manufacturer: Pro's Choice



Pro's Choice soil conditioner's tiny pores absorb wtaer, hold it tightly, and release it as the soil dries.
Its cation exhange capacity enables it to store fertilizer nutrients for plant growth.
Allows you to get back to play faster after a downpour
Creates space for roots to spread
Resists compaction for years
Allows important soil gas exchange (O2 and CO2)
Stores water and nutrients for roots

For fields with existing turf, apply Pro's Choice Ceramic Turf Conditioner as a topdressing in conjunction with soil aeration. For constructing new fields, till granules into sand-based soils prior to seeding or sodding. View the product label for more detailed suggested application rates.

Available in:
50 Pound bag

Label (PDF)

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