Pro Series Green Divot Repair Sand

Manufacturer: Grass Roots Agronomics, Inc.


Pro Series Divot Blend (DB series) sands are tightly screened, graded, and then amended for use in repairing divots, and patching thin or bare turf areas. Pro Series Divot Blends sands meet USGA particle size recommendations.

Pro Series Divot Blend sand is a truly versatile tool that can be adapted to meet your individual needs. Divot Blend sand is dried, amended, and then packaged in 50 lb. bags so it is ready for use or easy storage. In either case, Pro Series Divot Blend sand is easy to use for both employees and members alike. Pro Series Divot Blend series sands offers less hassle, less waste, and greater savings.

Sand meets USGA recommendations.
Premium compost amendment offers a balanced nutrient package.
Divot sand flows freely and evenly from cart divot container for easy fill and less waste.
Saves time and money in preparation and application - Ready to use right out of bag.
Environmentally safe

Available in:
50 Pound bag

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