Turf Saver Tall Fescue Blend w/ RTF

Manufacturer: Barenbrug

turf saver Tall Fescue    

Turf Saver® RTF®

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue
  • A blend featuring the only true rhizomatous tall fescues
  • Quick to establish and forming a deep extensive root system
  • The only self-repairing tall fescue seed blend available
  • Saves 30% water over other cool season grasses
  • Ideal for roughs, bunker faces, driving ranges, and low maintenance turf areas, including ‘over-flow’ parking

Turf Saver Tall Fescue Blend w/RTF - Product Sheet

RTF Flyer



Available in:
50 Pound bag
10 Pound bag
25 Pound bag
50 Pound bag

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