Model 550 Flow & pH Monitoring


Model 550    

Model 550 – Flow and pH Monitoring

Treat all of your water continuously with our variable speed injection station. ┬áThe Model 550 is the first of its kind, monitoring both “flow” and “pH”, making your operation more economical, potentially saving you thousands every year!

Maintain a Consistent pH reading no matter what your water flow.

  • Proportional with pH trim water treatment
  • Automatic probe cleaning assembly
  • Hydraulically actuated diaphragm pump rated 15 GPH
  • GS Alloy 20 Injection Lance
  • Series 550 pH controller with flow cell and pH sensor
  • System control panel with flow enable start
  • S80 PVC and Alloy 20 piping
  • Isolation valves, calibration cylinder, back flow valve pressure frelief valve, sample flow pressure regulator and sample flrow solenoid valve
  • Variable speed pumping system with auziliary pump control

Expandable to add additional pumps for:

  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Micro Nutrients
  • Wetting Agents

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