Golf Enviro Systems offers the following services to assist you.

Soil & Water Testing

GES is proud to offer comprehensive soil and water testing from two of the foremost laboratories in the country. Testing services are available from MDS Harris Labs of Nebraska and Brookside Labs from Ohio. Each of these great labs use a different testing protocol, so for consistency GES suggests that clients use the same labs for ease of results comparison.

The MDS Harris lab tests are provided in a comprehensive paper format.

Brookside laboratories post the test results to our licensed GES software making them available to the client at any time via “Username” and “Password” through this website.

GES offers our clients Standard Soil Tests, Saturated Soils Tests, Irrigation Suitability Tests and just added a NEW Water Soluble Carbon Test that allows for the measurement of microbial activity in the soil.

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GES not only can provide you with the ultimate in testing services, but the trained staff to help you understand what the test results actually mean to you. Understanding the intricacies of soil and water chemistry can make the difference between success and failure of your turf. With the demands placed on turf professionals, having available a group of trained former Golf Course Superintendents or Sports Turf Managers as part of your team can make the difference.

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Bulk Spreading

Golf Enviro Systems offers custom bulk fertilizer application service. Our State of the art spreader truck operated by former turf managers gives our clients the confidence that the job will be done right every time.

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