Water Treatment & Fertigation

Golf Enviro Systems, Inc. offers proven, Comprehensive Consulting in soil and water chemistry.

In 1990, Gary Schinderle, CGCS, President of Golf Enviro Systems, received the Leo Feser Editorial Award from the GCSAA for his article entitled “Identifying and Correcting Severe Water Quality Problems”.  In this article, Gary detailed his experience at Oakmont C.C. dealing with poor quality irrigation water.

The first step in providing a quality turf is providing a balanced soil. Our recommendation is to take soil samples at least once a year. These tests provide the most comprehensive insight into your soils.  We recommend a combination of both standard soil tests coupled with some Saturated Paste tests. A standard soil test measures what nutrients are present in the soil sample.  The Saturated Paste test completes your knowledge base of your soils by indicating if the nutrients present are in a form that is available to the plant.

As water is the single largest input that you apply to your turf, it is also our recommendation to test your water once a year. If problems are manifested, the recommendation might be to increase monitoring to provide you the most accurate information.  Golf Enviro Systems is able to provide you with the materials needed for submitting soil and water samples to the lab.

Armed with the results of soil and water tests, your GES Representative can assist in tailoring an agronomic program that best fits your specific situation.  This program may include a basic fertility program and/or include a program of corrective amendment applications to bring your soils into proper nutrient balance.  Golf Enviro Systems offers a variety of corrective amendments to balance your soil.

If it is determined that the quality of your irrigation water is suspect, GES can provide you with the expertise to manage these unique situations.  When water quality issues cannot be corrected by amendments, we carry the water treatment amendment, pHairway.  pHairway is used to address severe water quality problems that are associated with high pH/high bicarbonate/high sodium waters.  Since 1987, pHairway has a successful track record in the turf market of being a tool to help manage poor water quality.

pHairway is 100% MCDS (Monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate), along with three patented additives. pHairway is a safe, non-regulated, non-hazardous material, and is the only water treatment amendment that is guaranteed for use in golf course irrigation systems.  Its unique chemistry consists of an acid group and a base group held together by an oxygen molecule. The breakdown of pHairway allows for the release of free oxygen into the water and soil thus reducing the incidence of Black Layer.  For additional information on pHairway contact your GES Representative.

Golf Enviro Systems offers pH Control Systems that sample and inject based on water quality (pH).  This unique feature is the only system on the market with this type of control.  Golf Enviro Systems also offers Fertigation systems and combinations of pH control and Fertigation systems.

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